A Big Headache – What To Do

I’m thinking a big glass of water is my next best bet…

The big headache of the moment is content creation. Once again I’m at a point where I really need to hit the keyboard, but the mind is just not as prepared as I’d like it to be. Sending the signal from head to hands is just a lost cause.

Going to Tumblr

It had been years since I posted to Tumblr, I can’t say I can recall any specific boost coming from that avenue. Though as time marches on, the structure and ease of creation on Tumblr makes it a decent place to perhaps use to syndicate content? I’m still not 100% sure on how to approach content syndication. I still have the distinct feeling that I would simply be producing duplicate content. I’d rather avoid the trouble that comes with duplicating words across the web.

Syndication of Content via Tumblr

Though this is not an instance of content syndication, what I will be doing is merely linking out to my Tumblr page. Here it is: https://canadianwebcreations.tumblr.com/No flashy anchor text or anything, just a nice mundane link. The juice is in the pudding, as they say – No one says that? But I just did? Oh well.

Promoting Refreshes with Instagram Posts Crossed to Tumblr

One of the points of using Tumblr that might lead to an avenue of success is that I can cross post from Instagram. Using pictures, and having them post as well to Tumblr, I am providing fresh content in another environment. If the frequency of these additions is sufficient enough to warrant an extra pass by the search engine robot of our lives – We may use that extra presence to keep the other posted – or syndicated content more quickly indexed. This could be a good approach.

Not only a faster refresh rate, but it will also keep the page interesting with the random images I’m sure to disperse throughout the ages. Even if they are just the kids riding their new hover board, or shooting each other with their nerf guns – It’s all food for the brain. Eat up.

Still not a Facebook Fan, Especially Now

With the recent advent of the Fake News scare, Facebook has become something of a censorship tool and opinion shaping device. Though I don’t attest myself to be one easily convinced by the random postings of others – There sure enough are others out there who are swayed back and forth by the blowing winds of 100 different people.

Is it a big problem? No. Is this problem being used to push an agenda? You bet.

What Does it Mean for Facebook?

For me, it just means that I won’t use it much. I hadn’t really been one to use it since the first two years it existed – When it was all the rage. For the prevailing years it was less and less appealing. What was I really doing? Watching what other people were doing? No thank you. At least Twitter allows me the opportunity to get involved in a more non-circular situation.

The reduction of Facebook to a censored tool of deception leads me to believe that it’s ascent is complete. Soon the downward death spiral will begin. Though, inevitably many will be attached as they have been for years. Many will simply stop.

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