Before I looked at What is in Beer

It’s been a couple weeks since I enjoyed and good beer last time I think it was a Brava light which tends to be the beer I enjoyed most.
it’s inexpensive and taste pretty good it makes me feel like I’m drinking a pretend Corona not bad at all.

However recently the wife brought home a 4-pack of Beau’s Lug Tread. this beer was fantastic now unlike Brava this has to be really really cold I don’t usually get into having to have things at a certain temperature or not but this super cold equals super good.

When the Wife Sends you for Food

It’s funny because, after trying for the first time and being aware of the brand itself when you go to the bar for a pick up a pizza or whatever for your wife because she’s hungry and doesn’t stop asking you for taking that they have it on there. pretty cool if you ask me I love when things just sort of pop up out of nowhere once you finally realize what they are now why does that happen is it because you just didn’t know it existed before and now that the name is on your brain you start seeing it.

I suppose beer can be one of those fickle things like that I’m just now one to go to a bar to really see what’s on tap too often just this one place in particular the combine have a couple there and the food there is also amazing love it.

It almost seems like the only time I get exposure to anything new is on these odd trips for takeout food for my wife the Cravings come the food comes and I get to see something different along the way like what beers on tap what bloody bottle of whiskey happens to be on the top shelf while waiting for some young buck to bring me my poutine sweet potato poutine.

A Side Note on Tipping

On a side note is it just me or is it a kick in the ass whenever the debit machine asks you for a tip I feel bad hitting 0% or no tip So lately I’ve started hitting 10% by default the man that’s going to add up especially after picking up Sushi everyday. I guess it’s fine but when the owners of the store are the One charging you for it and are essentially the waiters would be getting the tip are you not really just adding on to the price of the product of putting more into their pockets it’s a completely different story when it’s the waiter or waitress because you know they are getting an extra slice of a pie that otherwise is completely going above their heads.

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Really this post is more or less just about testing voice input on my phone because sometimes maybe it’s just easier to write read say a blog post on the way to work and see how many words you could cram in this could be an excellent way to make content while I roll and maybe try to keep it in touch with the original topic this site which is being fearful which is why we can bring it back to the good old classics Brava light and Beaus once again I’m not going to sit here instead of terminology about beer because I really don’t know I just know what I like and what tastes good in a stick with it so should you.

I’ll tell you this, though the big beer brands really need to up their game in advertising to where the actual eyeballs are I think they’re still stuck on spending millions of dollars on ads or buying the ads to the Superbowl. Big deal, I’ve never watched a single game.