Belgian Blond Beer

There’s This Beer Traveling Internship

I’ve now heard about this traveling beer internship a couple of times, and it sounds amazing. Imagine yourself being paid to travel the world, and consume beer and write about it. Where would these travels take you? Would you get bored of writing about beer and the world?

Me neither.

As long as you have a deep thirst, and a penchant for making new friends in new lands you are likely very well suited for this endeavor. For $12,000 a month for four months, you could certainly make a dent in the world map, hitting all of the major beer centers of both Europe and South America.

The first location I’d be interested in going is Belgium. Had we had this conversation just a couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have had a clue as to where to start. Since my introduction to New Limburg’s Belgian Blond, I’ve found a new brewed love. This white ale, or blonde beer as some call it, is simply my new favorite.

New Limburg

For a beer coming in at 7.2%, it’s surprisingly crisp and light tasting. A bad combo in certain ways, as you could drink three of the big bottles of this in a hurry and not realize just how strongly it’s affected you until you’ve made your way away from the table.

This beer, created by the Simcoe, Ontario based brewer New Limburg, was inspired by the owner’s travels to Belgium and the area. If this beer is inspired by Belgium, then to Belgium I would go first – On the internship company’s dime of course.

An all expenses travel blogging adventure to Belgium to start, and enjoy the origins of what could be the most delicious beer on Earth… At least in my opinion.

In Terms of Beer Inspiration

It is my hope that New Limburg was attempting to mimic the taste and style of the Belgian styles of beer, and if that is the case, one can only hope to find a diverse mix of similar or perhaps even better brews.

If I were to find the golden standard of blond beers, I might just spend the entire four months in Belgium, and write only about the struggle to maintain consciousness while writing into the wee hours of the European morning about the greatest beer on the planet.

Until such time as I am accepted to the program, I’ll stick with picking up the Belgian Blond from New Limburg at the LCBO where It’s always ready to go.

For now, I’ll keep pressing my applications to try to snag this beer internship, but chances are slim to none.

New Limburg Beer

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