Needed a Pet Sitter in Afton, Minnesota

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Where Can You Find a Local Pet Sitter and Dog Walker in Afton, MN?

Finding any type of pet care service in Afton, Minnesota, or any of the other suburb around St. Paul is no easy feat! There is plenty of selection, as we’re obviously in an epicenter of pet lovers.

When you are looking for someone to do anything at all with your pets, you want to be able to trust them. Your dogs are like your children. That means the filtration process must be tough. Only the finest pet sitters and dog walkers are getting through THIS net.

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I eventually stumbled across Christine’s Professional Pet Care, based in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. She travels to all of the suburbs in the south eastern area around St. Paul, which is perfect. That means she’ll make the trip to Afton for my dogs.

I need someone who can take them for walks, and even pet sit while I’m on my later shifts. It’s a long drive from Afton to St. Paul, so I must make sure the pups are fed!

What Services are Offered by Christine’s Professional Pet Care?

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Reading into the services provided by Christine’s, I’m pleased with the full variety of offerings. She doesn’t limit herself to JUST dog walking, or just pet sitting like may of the other pet care providers in the Afton area do.

This flexibility is a key factor in why I’ll be following up with her. I’d rather trust my pets to a single company for my various needs, rather than have to run many different pet care professionals through the ringer! A company of many hats, is the company for me!

Services offered are:

  • Pet sitting (great for dogs or cats)
  • Dog walking (those paws need to move!)
  • Dog boarding (if you need a safe place, I have one)
  • Hiking trips (allow your dog to join in a big adventure)

Check out the full details of Christine’s Professional Pet Care.

Why Would Someone Need a Pet Sitter in Afton?

Afton, Minnesota, as a part of Washington County is a pet lover’s paradise. Having the Afton State Park nearby is an incredible advantage to anyone who like to keep busy. Or if you need help keeping your pets busy, Christine’s can utilize the miles of trails in the park to keep your pet’s paws in motion while you’re busy!

For a small community, it offers enough attractions to be considered a suburb, but still maintains a rural charm. Love it!

Afton MN map

People still have to commute, and that means they’re away from their homes in Afton for slightly longer than normal. As a result, there’s a definitive call for the services of a pet care professional for things like pet sitting or dog walking. For sure. The commute to St. Paul is one of the biggest factors in this regard.

How Do I Contact a Dog Walker Such as Christine’s?

It appears quite easy to get in touch with Christine and her pro pet care services company in Afton. The website was mentioned above, or you can give a call – (651) 491-9100.

Be sure to mention the area from which you are calling, as that is vital info!

Afton Minnesota Pet Care

Do They Services Other Areas Besides Afton, Minnesota?

Christine’s Professional Pet Care also services many of the other suburban areas in SE St. Paul besides Afton… Being based in Cottage Grove gives the flexibility to also include areas like Woodbury, Hastings, Lake Elmo, among a dozen other local communities.

How to Know if a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker is for you?


As stated above, if you’re going to have an individual or company come into your life and do anything of importance with something or someone you love – You’re going to have to trust them.

For a life long lover of pets like Christine, sharing in the love of animals (dogs especially!) is nothing new. Understanding how important our creatures are to us is vital to the continued enjoyment of this great company.

Afton, Minnesota is lucky to have her as a loving member of the community, available to pet sit, dog walk and more!

Check out the listing on the Kennel Directory for even more information.

Video From Afton to Cottage Grove