Orillia’s 3 Best Secrets (Awnings & Boat Covers)

You know what amazes me? When I discover an industry or business that I had no idea existed, yet serves so many people. As you get older, your focus in life tends to drift towards your narrowed view of the world around you. As a result, you forget what other people may be spending their money on.

The Recreational Sector:

Boat Tarps & Covers – Awnings and Such (Orillia / Severn)

My father in law was always a crafty fellow. Serving 20 years in the army as a Mat-Tech (Material Technician) gave him undeniable skill when it came to canvas, fabrication, welding, tarp making, and upholstering.

After he retired from the military he turned this skill into a wildly viable business. It turns out, in cottage country type areas like Orillia, Severn and Muskoka – There is an enormous market for canvas repair, boat tarp fabrication and custom awnings.

Recreational Canvas Products

Heavily used recreational equipment like RV’s and Quads have leather or canvas seats that can end up splitting or tearing. In these situations recovering or reupholstering is the ideal choice to return your RV to it’s former prestige.


Upholstery is incredibly meticulous work, so finding a fellow such as my father in law who can do this work for you in the Orillia, Severn or Muskoka area is a real delight. Four Seasons Canvas and Design is one such helping hand.

Boat Covers and Marine Tarps

Common in the marine world is the need for boat tarps. These boat covers are often used for seasonal storage, or general yarding when the boat or marine unit is not in use (Maybe when hell freezes over, am I right!). Boat tarps need to be – or SHOULD be – custom fitted to your boat.

There’s unfortunately no one-size-fits-all solution for boat covers. This is another instance where you can see the amazing demand for customized canvas fabrication skills. The ability to measure and dissect your boat’s shape and size and turn that into a perfectly fitted canvas or Sunbrella cover is remarkable.

Add in those cute little snaps, as well as marine plastic windows, and waterproof zippers wherever needed and you’ve got the pieces you need combined with the skill to make the ultimate boat cover. Tremendous.

Read more about the art of custom canvas here

Orillia & Muskoka Retractable Awnings

The more relaxed side of the upholstery business involves awnings. The common residential form of an awning is the retractable variety. These are the sun shades that typically cover a patio on the side of a nice Muskoka home, or are on the side of a trailer on a nice beach side camper in Orillia. Splendid.

Awnings are a safeguard against the intense summer sun, so they must be made out of particular material/fabric to block out harmful UV rays. If one wishes for shade, then they likely don’t want UV rays. Makes sense I suppose ­čÖé

Four Seasons Canvas in Orillia has gained fame for their ability to service, recover and recondition retractable awnings and save you money in the process. No need to buy new if you can just repair.

Muskoka retractable awnings

Muskoka and the Country Side

It’s a lovely area of Ontario, Muskoka is. I would like to take some time to get back up there sometime later in the year. Though I imagine I’ll be quite busy, but the hope is there.

All of these amazing canvas and upholstery services require a great deal of talent and patience. I admire those involved. I find myself digitally meticulous. However in the real world, I fail to find the care for exact measurements. Almost as if the physical world is meant to be a little rough around the edges.

If I ever own a boat, I would definitely be inclined to get a boat cover or tarp. The raccoons around here are warning enough to all the bad things that can happen to exposed equipment.