Prenatal Massage Therapy Southern Ontario

Having zero history with back pain and headaches, pregnancy was throwing me to the wolves. I never expected all of the body aches to be so debilitating. Nausea and fatigue… Sure. My naturopath doctor recommended I find a local prenatal massage therapist in Norfolk County to help alleviate my structural demise. I wasn’t keen on pampering myself on a good day, my mom always told me that massages and salons were a waste of money. Man was she wrong about the massages! Prenatal massages may have just saved my life. massage therapist

Pre Pre-Natal

Active living is my jam. Since I can remember I have always been an active individual, joining sports teams and enjoying every second of recreational exercise I can. Practising morning yoga everyday to keep limber and loose with muscle balance should have been all I needed to do to keep myself in tip top shape for when I would become pregnant.

Once I started trying to conceive I slowed down with heavy weights and over exhausting myself. I had never felt more out of sorts without all of my go go energy suckers. I still filled my time with more laid back movement like walking and jogging. But, it was just so different than what I was used to doing all my life.

It’s also always a good idea to get a nice foot massage regardless of where you live!

Super lucky us, we ended up being successful in our first month of trying. I never expected for it to happen so quickly, but was very thankful for the gift.

The first 8 weeks were death.. Literally felt like I was going to puke out an alien or sleep until I was an elderly. I lived in a cocoon of pillows in my bed trying to keep down any food I could bare to swallow. How in the world do women like being pregnant?

This phase of my pregnancy had to be the source of my pain. Bed ridden and loss of movement had me feeling like I was weak and off balance. Compensating when I did move creating imbalances that no doubt are going to be my future issues. prenatal massage oils

Pre-Natal Massage Norfolk County

Once my naturopath helped me get the morning sickness under control, I had a resurgence of energy. Problem with that was I was achy all over from my hips softening and the bed pains. Sitting at my office desk was torture now, I purchased a standing desktop stand to help with the lower back pain that was starting to become a permanent resident.

I was told by many of my friends and family that I was going to love the second trimester. Baby starts kicking and I will look pregnant and not just bloated… Plus I won’t feel sick anymore. The glow will be in full force.

They were wrong… Utterly wrong. I glowed alright… Bright red and blotchy from bearing through all my back pain. It started to radiate down my legs into my heels. How in the world was this going to feel when I am in my third trimester carrying a watermelon on my front? I needed to find a resolution to my problems. My naturopath suggested I go to a local pre-natal massage therapist to help ease my tight muscles.

I did some reaching out to my local Port Rowan friends for any referrals. I know a couple of my family members went to our chiropractor and massage while they were pregnant. They live in another province unfortunately though.

After some extensive research through local pre-natal massage therapists I chose one. She has excellent reviews and her website had many key worries addressed.

Pre-Natal Massage Therapy

My first appointment was when I was around 5 months pregnant. My body was showing and I was aching all over. My consultation was extremely thorough, including my blood pressure and any health issues I may be working on. It didn’t surprise me that all of these personal questions were asked because I had read through the website and reviews that she was amazing.

A hint to anyone looking to get pre-natal massages, do your homework and read about your local options. When you see they are interested in previous health issues and current, you know you have an up to date therapist.

Having my full history now she knew exactly how to massage me. Finding the exact pin points where I was carrying all of my imbalances and relieving the nerve pain pressure I was experiencing since I was bed ridden with nausea.

I battle low blood pressure on a regular basis, being pregnant I am having even more issues with it. Lightheadedness is a real threat to my safety and with my weekly visits to the pre-natal massage therapist I for the first time in life have my blood pressure under control. I never knew that back tension can causes many strange health side effects.

I know quite a few people that could benefit from the magic of pre-natal massages but are in disbelief. massage

Birth Preparation

When I started to near the end of my pregnancy I felt the best I had my whole pregnancy. My tension headaches were non existent, back pain, insomnia and stress levels were all seemingly cured. My husband was more uncomfortable than I was. Keeping my body relaxed with massages is the reason why I was able to keep moving everyday and stay positive throughout my pregnancy.

Without my pre-natal massages delivering my little human could have ended in a c-section due to my blood pressure and back pain. If you have the means to afford pre-natal massages, I 100% would recommend pampering yourself. Carrying a little human takes a huge toll on your lumbar, pre-post natal massage care will keep you mobile and happy throughout the entire experience.