Custom Desk Mats – An Office Must-Have

Protect Your WFH Desk or Your Office Desk with a Desk Mat

We use custom desk mats because they keep our work area protected from everyday wear and tear. Also, they say a lot about our personalities, ideas, hobbies, what motivates us, or what makes us tick.

Most office workers often think their office is a stylist’s dream. But there’s a good chance they’re missing a crucial component of comfortable and functional desk space – A desk mat!

Although custom desk mats may not be as common a sight in offices as they once were, they’re the humblest of workspace accessories and a great option to consider.  They can significantly improve a desktop organization and cleanliness. Plus, they feel cool as heck to write on!

With that being said, here are some reasons why people should use custom desk pads.

Why Use a Custom Desk Mat?

Desk Protection

Whether or not the desk is expensive, a desk mat will make it look as good as possible. It will protect the desk from spills, scratches, stains, heat spots from a laptop or coffee, and everyday wear and tear. Desk protection is the most important function of a desk pad or mat.

A desk mat can be used for a keyboard the same way we use a mouse pad for a mouse. This will protect a desk from showing wear where the keyboards slide across the desk.  It’s common to see scuffs or discolouration on desk surfaces without a desk mat.


There’s a perfect custom desk mat for every desk. If you have a unique desk and you fear a desk mat will affect its appearance. Trust us! There are numerous desk mat choices out there that can meet your needs.

Prevent keyboard from sliding

Desk mats prevent keyboards from sliding all-around a desk. They’re slightly textured, meaning they won’t allow the keyboard to slide. Besides, most desk pads have a special backing that prevents the pads from sliding themselves.

Writing surface

Custom Desk Mats can sometimes take the place of a notebook to allow smoother writing.  The key is finding a firm desk pad that prevents a pen from puncturing the paper. Simultaneously, it needs to be a bit softer to allow a steady flow as you’re writing.

Some desk pads are designed specifically for writing.  They’re a great choice for those looking for a desk pad for writing.  These desk mats or pads can significantly reduce writing fatigue and improve writing experience.


Desk mats improve the appearance of a desk, just like a tie improves a new suit.  They’ll make a desk more unique and attractive.

Comfort and productivity

Besides improving desk aesthetics and protecting it, custom desk pads also have practical uses and can seriously improve workflow.

As we mentioned earlier, they can dramatically improve a desktop organization. They prevent work papers from slipping; they keep the wrist and arms of office workers comfortable and improve the cleanliness or a work area.

The organization of the workspace is essential, especially for individuals striving for productivity.

Different Desk Pads and Mats

Desk Mats or pads are great accessories for medical assistants, digital artists, and office workers looking to improve their work area appearance and protect their desks.

Here’s a list of the most popular types of desk mats worth considering. They create an outstanding balance between style, comfort, and productivity.

Ordering Custom Desk Mats

At The Pad Place, we provide customers with a wide variety of protective desk pads, each customized with an array of sizing and color options. Custom desk pads or mats are a unique and fun way for office users to show their interest and unique sense of style.

Standard Desk Pad or Mat

Most standard desk pads are made of solid interior ridged board, strong leatherette vinyl top, and soft velour bottom.  Also, they’re mostly black and can feature a rectangular shaped anti-slip bottom.

The best standard desk mats come with a non-glare surface to prevent lights from desk lamps from being reflected and disturbing everyone trying to work.

In addition, they often self-heal, meaning no nicks or writing imprints will remain on the pad after being used.  Some popular brands use antibacterial Microbran to protect the desk mats from mold, bacteria, and mildew, which results in staining and deterioration of the pads.

These pads are low cost and easy to clean.

Clear Desk Pad or Mat

Clear desk pads are slim and discrete mats that act as a great alternative to standard desk pads, which are usually bulkier.

They’re a great option for people with expensive or picturesque desks, and they don’t want to abstruse them with a desk pad.

You can even get a desk pad with an edge protector to further help all of your office accessories stay in place!

Final Thoughts

Although we’ve only mentioned a few, there are several types of desk mats, including leather desk mats and curved desk mats.  Custom desk mats are great for individuals with the desire to improve their desk aesthetics and functionality.

Now that you know the benefits and different types of desk pads, we hope you can select the right desk pad that meets all your work area needs.