Ever Consider Adult Swimming Lessons (In Toronto)

Growing up as a Fish in Toronto

The way I grew up in Toronto,  swimming lessons were never something that crossed my mind. As a child, there was a pool in my back yard as far back as I can remember.

This essentially means that I grew up as a fish. I was thrown in, and it all just came together from a very young age. I never even thought of private swimming lessons as a possibility!

I know now, only after living half a life, and meeting so many different people, also from the GTA, who have a completely different story for their current swimming knowledge situation.

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50% of Adults Cannot Swim

Would you believe that more than half of the adult population doesn’t know how to swim? Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t splash and fake it, but it means they may not be able to survive on the open water by their own devices for longer than a minute or two.

That’s a lot of people that could benefit from private adult swimming lessons in Toronto!

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Are Private Swimming Lessons in Toronto Embarrassing?

There’s a common misconception that requiring swimming lessons as adults should be embarrassing. I don’t get it? So what! If you lack a certain skill, it should be celebrated that you’re attempting to fill the void. Even a crucial life saving skill like swimming should always be a skill worthy of time and education.

Some of us were lucky enough to learn on the fly when we were barely out of diapers. But others have faced a different developmental pathway.

Growing up Without a Swimming Pool

Since homes in Toronto and Etobicoke have begun being packed so closely together, there’s been a steady decline in home based swimming pools. It’s becoming more common, as a result, that people will have to opt for a local swimming hole, or recreation center to get their fix.

Again, if you aren’t the type to seek this out manually, you may have been hard pressed to find yourself learning to swim!

With that in mind, whether you’re an adult, child or an infant, it’s becoming ever more important to get lessons for learning how to swim, since it’s not so easy to come by the skill in the old school second hand fashion. Not as much as it used to be anyways.

Is it Easier to Learn to Swim as a Child or Adult?

For the most part, learning to swim in Toronto, Ontario, is probably easier as a child. In terms of sheer education and value for time spent, it’s a hands-down no contest. Let me explain:

When you’re a kid, you just have a natural tendency to rapidly learn anything. You’re brain has not yet solidified to the patterns of reality, so anything can be learned, absorbed, and turned into a life lasting ability.

Summary, why is it easy to learn to swim as a child:

  • Brain is primed and ready
  • Less preconceptions
  • Natural adaptability
  • Less body weight to counteract process

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When you’re an adult, however, it can be quite the opposite. Of course, everyone is different, but for many people, it just becomes much more of a task to learn after high school.

Why Is it Harder to Learn to Swim as an Adult?

Everything is pretty much hard coded into your skull by the time you’re an adult. Not the end of the world, but it can pose an added layer to the challenge of learning how to swim.

Private swimming lessons for adults, however, are a great way to work one on one with a certified swimming instructor in Toronto to individually tackle the areas you’d most need help with. Many instructors have taught hundreds or even thousands of adult students across the GTA, and this has helped them hone the valuable checklist that isolates the ideal steps to success.

Learn all about swimming lessons in Toronto with Aim Above Swim School

Aim Above Swim School

Once you’ve found out who you’d like to help you with your private swimming lessons as an adult, you’ll then have to find a local pool or recreation center in Toronto or Etobicoke where the swim instruction can take place…

Where Can I Learn to Swim in Toronto? (As in Locations!)

If you don’t have access to your own home’s pool in the GTA, there are plenty of available options. Community pools and recreation centers often have many unfilled usage hours.

These available time slots can be used for group sessions or private swimming lessons. If you happen to be digging deep and are really close to making the decision to learn to swim, do yourself a favor and try to determine the closest pool to your home or work.

Having a conveniently close pool can make the transition to student that much easier on yourself.

Here’s a quick list of a few of the pools available in Toronto:

  1. High Park Village Fitness
  2. Parkdale Community Centre
  3. Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre
  4. Find a Pool in your neighborhood here

How Will the Lessons Take Place (Schedule? Random?)

Usually, once a mutually acceptable schedule is found, you’ll be dealing with hour long lessons that are 1 on 1. You can’t beat that kind of attention for learning and teaching a vital skill such as swimming.

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You’ll start by learning to kick in the water, and of course preparing for going underwater, as well you’ll learn swimming styles, strokes, and techniques.

Learn a valuable skill that can save a life, maybe even your own.