Fitness Centre in Simcoe

Big Fitness in our Small Town (Simcoe)

For those of us not fortunate to have a gym in our homes in Simcoe, we have to look outward towards the community. It’s in the local gyms and fitness centres that we’ll find the perfect place to get in shape, and lose weight or tone up.

I’m really looking to get back in to a fitness routine as I’ve succumb to the ages. During the busy buys life I lead, I somehow managed to let myself go. Forgetting about exercise and eating properly as I go from one ‘urgent’ task to the next.

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This is not good for my body, and is not good for my state of mind. A change is needed, and that change will come through either a personal exercise regime at one of our local gyms in Simcoe.

I could even go so far as to say that I would hire a personal trainer to help guide my return to healthiness.

Why Exercise and Health Loose Mental Urgency as We Age

No one ever wishes to be unhealthy or overweight. It tends to just ‘happen’. With age and life, it becomes easy to let the important self-sector of weight management and proper diet fade away.

It’s something you have total control over, and the only accountability factor is yourself. I even ran a search on Quora to see what others had to say about being healthy while being busy.

In essence, when we weigh our urgent needs in life, and balance things that we feel we HAVE to do versus things we SHOULD do… We end up making less than ideal choices.

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How I Forgot About My Own Health & Fitness in Simcoe

I had started my family young, and therefore the rate race began rather early for me. Instead of partaking in peaceful classes like Yoga or Pilates, I was tending to the young ones, and eating the food that came easily… And inexpensively.

This pattern, over the course of a couple days will not hurt you. Sometimes you’re busy and you need a quick and cheap nutritional jolt.

Extend this pattern over several years and you’re missing valuable nutritional elements, and are actually adding to your body’s stress levels. Food is a factor in everything we do.

Cutting down on the thought put into food will be costly. This is where a local fitness centre would likely have an on hand nutritionist or personal trainer to help get you back on track.

That’s precisely what I’m hoping to find at one of these find Simcoe establishments.

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Personal Trainers – It Looks Good on TV, Right?

Most people probably don’t think you can find a personal trainer in Simcoe and Norfolk County. At first I would be right there with you. As it turns out though, Final Touch Exclusively Ladies Fitness provides access to many trainers.

This shocking discovery certainly makes it easier to get into the habit of a) Going to the gym and b) Following up with the personal trainer to stay on track.

(Not interested in hiring a personal trainer? Here’s 101 other fitness tips!)

A local trainer has the added value of being able to come to your house and wake you up at the early hours to start your day BEST. There’s a few exciting prospects about starting your day early:

  • Breakfast smoothie
  • Early morning run
  • Feel great all day
  • Great way to clear brain fog

How it can Help your Weight Loss

The nutritional and exercise aspect of going to a fitness centre or Simcoe gym are alone enough to make all the difference in your health and life. However, it’s important to set a schedule – and stick to it. You must be dedicated, and determined. Otherwise the whole weight loss plan will fail.

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Final Touch Exclusively Ladies Fitness

Final Touch is just on the edge of town on Park Road, and is far more than the salon it’s typically known as. The second part of the building is a ladies only fitness centre, and weight loss centre. They offer so many classes – There’s a classes schedule page to see all of the offerings – And your membership gives you access to all that they have.

Exercise Equipment

There’s dozens of exercise bikes, weight lifting machines, treadmills, elliptical and more. For the price of a membership and the very inspiring hours, you can squeeze in a variety of work outs before AND after work. They’ve really sought to make fitness in Simcoe a primary concern. Exercising in town has never been this easy.

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A vital part of any workout experience is the clean up. Some gyms in town do not have showers… Which is off-putting to me. When I workout, I get sweaty, and I want to leave clean. A shower in-house is a great incentive to push yourself even harder. Feature: Approved!

Fitness Classes

Here’s a list of a couple of the classes available at the best gym in Simcoe:

  1. All about arms
  2. Body Sculpt
  3. Gentle Yoga
  4. Active Cardio
  5. Butt and Guts
  6. And so many more

I have yet to see this complexity of offerings from anyone else in the Norfolk County area. You can see the full class schedule here.

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Don’t Forget it’s About your Health and Body

I’m not here to push anyone to do anything they do not wish to. However, I’d really like to emphasize how important it is to keep your body running optimally. Though it seems like exercising is so hard to find time for, I’d like you to compare how easy it is to find time to watch your favorite TV show…

Is it just because it takes energy, and you cannot just passively get into shape and workout? Yeah, I think that’s it – That feels exactly the same as what I felt. Now I am glad I’ve put in the extra effort to change my life for the better.

Final Touch