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Desk pad with edge protector
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Custom Desk Mats – An Office Must-Have

Protect Your WFH Desk or Your Office Desk with a Desk Mat We use custom desk mats because they keep our work area protected from everyday wear and tear. Also, they say a lot about our personalities, ideas, hobbies, what motivates us, or what makes us tick. Most office workers often think their office is a stylist’s dream. But there’s a good chance they’re missing a crucial component of comfortable and functional desk space – A desk mat! Although custom desk mats may not be as common a sight in offices as they once were, they’re the humblest of workspace

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Plated Meals

Picton Catering Services

How Newcomer Barn & Country Catering Came to Town… Picton, Ontario in Prince Edward County is now home to the catering company “Barn and Country Catering Services”. Founded north of Picton and P.E.C. in Stirling, ‘Barn and Country Catering’ provides a unique approach to catering. For weddings, business events, and any other event that requires great food… and even better service. Expanding into Picton comes at a great time as the Barn and Country name has become very well known. Everywhere from Hastings County to Belleville, and the rest of the Bay of Quinte region now know the name ‘Barn

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North York
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Foot Massages in North York

A Treat for Your Feet Foot massages are more than a treat for your feet. Foot massages release tension from your muscles and let you recover from daily life. (Hard enough to do as it is!) Your day at work has been tough, your feet want extra attention and a foot massage is how you get it. Recovery through a massage involves the release of lactic acid and forced relaxation. Hire a mobile foot masseuse to come to your home and crush foot fatigue. How Foot Massages Help A gentile yet firm touch will sooth tender spots and break up

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Fitness working out girl

Fitness Centre in Simcoe

Big Fitness in our Small Town (Simcoe) For those of us not fortunate to have a gym in our homes in Simcoe, we have to look outward towards the community. It’s in the local gyms and fitness centres that we’ll find the perfect place to get in shape, and lose weight or tone up. I’m really looking to get back in to a fitness routine as I’ve succumb to the ages. During the busy buys life I lead, I somehow managed to let myself go. Forgetting about exercise and eating properly as I go from one ‘urgent’ task to the

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Swimming pool in Toronto
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Ever Consider Adult Swimming Lessons (In Toronto)

Growing up as a Fish in Toronto The way I grew up in Toronto,  swimming lessons were never something that crossed my mind. As a child, there was a pool in my back yard as far back as I can remember. This essentially means that I grew up as a fish. I was thrown in, and it all just came together from a very young age. I never even thought of private swimming lessons as a possibility! I know now, only after living half a life, and meeting so many different people, also from the GTA, who have a completely

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Simcoe steel sign
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Simcoe Ontario Business Services

Simcoe Ontario News: Give your Business a Bump Simcoe Services is a new internet marketing company that uses the power of the web to enhance your business. There’s just so much to learn when it comes to setting up a website, hosting, Google maps etc. Simcoe Services just wants to make sure you’re taking proper advantages of all of these services that exist to help people find you. Your business could be amazing, truly amazing – BUT – No one can find you. You may have the best lemonade, but if you’re lemonade stand is on a side road, with

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