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Ever Consider Adult Swimming Lessons (In Toronto)

Growing up as a Fish in Toronto The way I grew up in Toronto,  swimming lessons were never something that crossed my mind. As a child, there was a pool in my back yard as far back as I can remember. This essentially means that I grew up as a fish. I was thrown in, and it all just came together from a very young age. I never even thought of private swimming lessons as a possibility! I know now, only after living half a life, and meeting so many different people, also from the GTA, who have a completely

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Simcoe Ontario Business Services

Simcoe Ontario News: Give your Business a Bump Simcoe Services is a new internet marketing company that uses the power of the web to enhance your business. There’s just so much to learn when it comes to setting up a website, hosting, Google maps etc. Simcoe Services just wants to make sure you’re taking proper advantages of all of these services that exist to help people find you. Your business could be amazing, truly amazing – BUT – No one can find you. You may have the best lemonade, but if you’re lemonade stand is on a side road, with

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